Gift Guide

May we introduce you to your new best friend – the BauXo Gift Guide.

This helpful tool will eliminate guesswork when choosing a gift for a loved one. Simply choose the description that matches her best, and you will find a curated list of items perfectly suited to the lucky lady.

City Girl   Boho Concert Go-er   Beach Babe   Minimalist   The Modern Woman



The City Girl is 'in the know' of all of the current trends, and if you're gifting to her, you need to be too!

The lapis lazuli stone inside the Proud bracelet promotes wisdom and truth - something every City Girl could use. The trendy Awe earrings will modernize her look for a night out on the town, and may even encourage another piercing! Peak her interest with the 'protect' symbol and lapis lazuli stones on the Mindful bracelet. The Collective tote in black leather is pure function; something she will never leave home without. The City Girl will also love the Sculpt necklace. It is perfect for someone who craves of-the-moment jewelry and can be wrapped around her neck or wrist. 

Clockwise from left to right: Proud bracelet in brass with lapis lazuli, Awe earrings in silver, Sculpt necklace in brass with turquoise on grey leather, Mindful bracelet with 'protect' symbol in silver and lapis lazuli stones, and Collective leather tote in black.

She may also love: Adapt bracelet, Kim earrings, Reinvent earrings, Whitney ring.



The Boho Concert Go-er loves layers. Festival girls love to pile on the jewelry - it’s been a trend since the early days of Woodstock! The more the merrier for this type of woman. Any of these items would look great in a stack on her wrist, neck or finger. Or better yet, decorate all three!

Gift her the Gypsy necklace in silver to wear with a t-shirt and her favorite cut-off jean shorts. No concert-goer is complete without this season's biggest trend; the backpack. Our Peak backpack is so minimalist and versatile, she'll take it wherever she goes. The Encounter bracelet is sure to keep her current, acting as a symbol of hope and good luck. If she owned the Shaman ring she would lead the pack for festival season and add it to her favorite set of stacking rings.  The Connection bracelet features three smoky quartz stones inset on a dainty piece of leather, which feels feminine and understated.

Clockwise from left to right: Gypsy necklace in sterling silver, Peak backpack in caramel, Encounter bracelet in silver with black leather, Shaman ring in sterling silver with smoky quartz, and Connection bracelet in brass with smoky quartz and chocolate leather.

She may also love: Limitless bracelet, Euphoric ring, Jordan necklace, Cara earring set.



For the Beach Babe, nature inspired jewelry is a must. She loves how turquoise and blue chrysocolla mirror the colors of the ocean that she loves so much. These are a few pieces that she would wear layered, to achieve that surfer chic look.

Our new Talisman necklace features a turquoise stone and 'transition' symbol that she will love. The Character ring is bold and adjustable and will look beautiful with a tan. A bikini or apres surf outfit will be complimented easily with the Proud bracelet in lapis lazuli, to add a pop of color and to enhance wisdom & truth. The Plentiful card case will become the every day go-to for the Beach Babe; it's minimalist nature and 'take more detours' sentiment are just two reasons why. The Explore bracelet will delight her. Featuring an ancient symbol for 'explore' this bracelet will encourage her to remain open and curious when discovering the world.

Clockwise from left to right: Talisman necklace, Character ring in 14 carat gold plated sterling silver, Proud bracelet with lapis lazuli stone, Plentiful card case in caramel leather and Explore bracelet in brass.

She may also love: Establish bracelet, Keepsake necklace, Amanda earrings, Equality ring.



The Minimalist is all about simplicity. She loves clean lines and neutral colors. Things should be designed with an idea of ‘less is more’.

Any of these items would turn into an everyday favorite for the Minimalist, like our buttery soft, raw edged Bound clutch. Reach earrings make it easy for the Minimalist to add a touch of raw diamond sparkle to her look. The Distinct earrings and Blair bracelet are a perfect set for someone who craves understated jewelry with a little bit of edge. Our new, dainty Harper necklace finishes the look, offering a sense of of-the-moment simplicity.

Clockwise from left to right: Harper necklace in gold, Bound clutch in caramel, Reach earrings in rose gold with raw diamonds, Discern earrings in brass, and Blair bracelet in silver with raw diamond.

She may also love: Enforce braceletLily bracelet, Reinvent earrings, Keepsake necklace.



Timeless pieces that will never go out of style are a must here. The Modern Woman is looking for basics that will go with everything she has in her wardrobe. Below you’ll find suggestions that she won’t want to take off.

The new monochromatic Freedom cross body is both modern and simple, featuring an adjustable strap and hidden zipper. Similarly, the Shape necklace with it's smoky quartz detail is just edgy enough; something the Modern Woman will wear as a statement piece. She will also love the Guardian pouches for their subtle inspiration inviting the user to 'escape the ordinary' and 'take more detours'. Our Frankie earrings are the perfect stud for a easy, fashionable look. The Modern Woman will love the Protect bracelet instantly. This original design features ancient 'glyph' symbols to give the wearer refuge; reminding her she is supported and cared for. 

Clockwise from left to right: Protect bracelet in brass, Freedom cross body bag in grey, Shape necklace in sterling silver with smoky quartz and black leather, Guardian pouches in black leather and Frankie earrings in brass with smoky quartz.

She may also love: Stacey earrings, Equality ring, Revere bracelet, Talisman necklace.



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