How do I make a return?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page.


What if my item arrived damaged?
Firstly, we apologize! This should never happen. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page and treat this item as a return. Please include a copy of your receipt as well as a written note describing the damage. A new item will be shipped to you at no extra cost.


How do I ship the item back to BauXo?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page.


How do I care for my purchase?
Please visit our Care Instructions & Product Info page


What are the materials used to make BauXo jewelry?
Our jewelry is made using recycled leather that has been vegetable dyed to reduce our environmental footprint. Veg-tan is an organic, eco-friendly, but labor-intensive process that uses the natural tannins found in bark and leaves to color the leather. The beauty of a natural material like leather is that it will change slightly with use, developing a rich patina over time. Our leather will also soften with use. If you would like to expedite the softening process, massage your leather goods often with coconut oil. Please be advised this may darken the color of your piece. BauXo is proud to use a solar drying process, which helps lessen the impact on our earth’s resources. 

All of the hooks and posts for our earrings are sterling silver.  All of our rings are sterling silver or 14K gold plated sterling silver. 

Any hardware found on a leather product, or metal used in a design would be one of the following:

  • Brass
  • Sterling Silver (earring posts and rings)
  • Sterling Silver plated brass
  • 14K Gold plated brass (necklaces)
  • 14K Rose plated sterling silver (rings)
  • 14K Rose Gold plated sterling silver (rings)

How is my jewelry made?
To ensure quality craftmanship, BauXo jewelry is all hand made. This allows us to retain the integrity of the raw materials used and honors the natural imperfections found in these materials.