A Message from the Founders



Our Company Philosophy

We are the founders of the company and we couldn’t be more in love with our chosen career paths. It wasn’t always this way; we were leading corporate lives when we first travelled to Bali where we met our lead designer Hariyono. This meeting was the spark that changed the direction of our lives.

Our designs may have evolved throughout the years, but our company philosophy has always remained the same - make high quality, beautiful products while providing opportunities for local artisans. BauXo designs accessories for the woman who believes that escaping the ordinary is the true road to happiness. Her treasured BauXo pieces remind her to embrace change, experience deeply and take more detours.




Watch how we do what we do. 


What does BauXo mean?

Although some people pass it off as a quirky name for a unique jewelry brand, BauXo’s history resides in Bali, Indonesia. After all, that is where the original three met in 2003, and where the idea for the company was born.

BauXo comes from the Indonesian word for meatball – Bakso! This traditional Indonesian fare is commonly served in a soup, sold from a street cart, and costs around 90 cents Canadian per bowl. Diana and Jeneen met Hari Yono, a Javanese designer, in front of a Bakso cart and decided to blend their experiences to create an accessories company called BauXo.

Have you ever tried Bakso? Have you ever been to Bali? Perhaps it is time to pick up and do both. Buy that plane ticket. Experience something incredible. Insist on happiness. And don’t forget to visit our flagship store in Echo Beach while you’re there! 



Charity + Passions

Our company was formed through a collective passion for life. 

That passion is what inspires our designs, allows us to experiment each day, and keeps us moving forward in our business. We thrive on inspirational quotes, and incorporate the lessons we’ve learned throughout our personal and professional lives. 

In a partnership with Holt Renfrew and their H Project, we are currently supporting The Bali Children's Project, a charity that provides education to Bali's Children to break the cycle of poverty. 

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“I adore my leather bracelet! Exquisitely simple and elegant. I wear it every day!!”

– Judy

“Just got my leather wrap bracelet. It’s even more beautiful than shown in the picture. Wrapping and shipping couldn’t be better. Thank you!”

– Larissa

“Stunning jewellery. The bracelet that I bought is perfect. So beautiful. Thank you.”

– Ruby, Australia

“I bought my girlfriend a bracelet and she still dumped me… bracelet is sick though. I want it back.”

– Tex

“Wow, I just want to buy everything in your wonderful store!”

– Hellen, Holland

“Design and function meet beautifully.”

– Katie

“Fell in love with everything! Wish I could buy all these beautiful pieces. Thank you!”

– Rebecca

“Simply unique, beautiful work.”

– Abe

“You can't go wrong with these bracelets. You can easily layer away with other bracelets and the price is right. Great for gifting too.”

– Susan Davidoff, Prescott Vally, AZ

“This is my new favorite bracelet! I wear it just about everyday - so unique looking!”

– Jennifer C.

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